Learn Serbian in Serbia from Serbs...

or you can do it via Skype if it is more conveniente for you!

...as easy as it could be!

Many find Serbian to be an exotic language.

The others like its sound and rhythm.

There are those who think of it as a strange mix of voices. And naturally enough, many consider it to be complex and difficult tongue.

We believe that all of them are right.

However, the Serbian language is no more difficult to take in than any other European language, for instance French or say Italian. Moreover, its writing system makes it as simple as it is possible to learn – actually, you can learn to write and read in just few lessons!

One thing we are absolutely sure of is that you will never say - when faced to some book in Serbian - "It's all Greek to me!"

Join us and explore the new horizons of unknown culture, literature and spirit of people so close but so far away.

Tuition fees

Available on request.

What our fees include

  • The main textbooks and workbooks for full-time classes only
  • Teaching materials
  • Use of school library
  • Certificates of attendance
  • Certificates of achievement to successful candidates
  • School based social activities


What is NOT included

  • Accommodation
  • Registration fee and accommodation placement fee
  • Excursions
  • Bank charges
  • Travel and Airport transfer
  • Insurance
  • Additional text books may be borrowed as necessary


Beginners group courses starting dates

  • First Monday in a month
  • Other courses on every Monday if applicable
  • One to one courses start on any working day

Tuition fees:

Available on request.


The school can arrange an accommodation for you on demand.

Students can choose among:

  • family stay
  • an apartment/ a studio
  • hotel

Accomodation fees available on request.

Note: All fees are due before the course start.


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